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Garage Storage With Adjustable Elfa Shelving

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Garages – The Basements of Central Texas


Here in Austin, the limestone bedrock and other factors make it too costly to have basements for storage, like the rest of the country enjoys.  Consequently, our garages become the throw-it-in-there-and-shut-the-door space, for all those things that can’t be put elsewhere in the house.


Is your garage a messy storage area?  Are you unable to park your car in there?  Do you have trouble finding a screwdriver, or getting to the ice chest, or unearthing the holiday decorations when you need them?


No matter how full or how disorganized your garage may be, I can set up a customized system based on your specific storage needs that will:


  • let you stash away the things you don’t use, but still have to keep, and
  • let you access your often-used items such as garden tools, pet supplies, sports equipment


Contact Me for a consultation about how I can make your garage a soothing, organized place for you to drive into at the end of the day.


See below for a garage that needed my storage redesign skills. There was stuff all over the floor.  Some of that stuff needed to be accessed often.  Other things aren’t needed often but still needed to be kept somewhere.   But when it’s in a chaotic pile like this, you can’t see what you have and find what you need.


garage before

Hello, Big Blank Wall


See that big unused blank wall? That empty wall gave me some prime real estate, for an organizing solution that could be customized for this client.


That wall would be perfect for some Elfa shelving from The Container Store.  I love using Elfa in garages.  It’s very strong and can hold lots of heavy items.  It’s easy to install, and best of all, it’s very easy to adjust and change as your needs change.


long narrow boxes

Go Horizontal Instead Of Vertical


See the long tall narrow cardboard boxes, standing up on their ends? Those were leftover trim pieces from cabinetry.  They did not need to be accessed frequently.  So instead of taking up valuable space on the floor, those could go up high on the wall, using the horizontal space.


long thin boxes stored horizontally

Up Off The Floor!


Storing them horizontally instead of vertically freed up space below for items needed more often.  Since the Elfa shelving is fully adjustable, I was able to set those shelves close together.


By the way, since you asked (didn’t you?), Elfa shelving comes in different depths (the front to back measurement) – 12″ deep, 16″ deep, and 20″ deep.  I find that for most garages, the 16″ deep size used here is the best size.  Most large plastic bins will fit perfectly on a 16″ deep shelf.  The shallower 12″ deep shelves are better if you are storing lots of small items, like food containers or office supplies.  The 20″ deep shelves are too deep for most typical uses, unless you are storing really over-sized bins, or large pieces of art, or other unwieldy things.


Some of the cardboard containers were round and might roll off the shelves, so I used bracket posts to keep the boxes in place. The bracket posts are the L-shaped pieces coming up in front of each shelf. You can see them better in the picture below.


elfa bracket posts

Don’t Block That Fuse Box!


You might also notice, in the close-up picture here, that there is a circuit breaker box on the wall. It’s important not to block access to the circuit breaker box. See how the shelf just above it is positioned just high enough so that the door to the box can open easily? You would NOT want to have to take EVERYTHING down off of the wall, just to be able to open that little door.



Garage Wall, Organized!


Now, the finished garage wall is organized.  Things that aren’t needed often, like cabinet trim and paint cans, are up high and out of the way.  The stroller has its own dedicated spot, with enough empty space next to it to maneuver it in and out.   Tools like garden shovels and the tall ladder are hung on the wall within reach, ready to use.


garden shovels on wall


ladder on wall  hook


I love organizing garages!  Can I make your garage functional and usable?



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