A Jones For Organizing

(A what?)


“jones” (slang): a strong craving, desire. Some people have a jones for their favorite food, or for a particular TV show. I have a jones for organization and organizational products. Oh yes, and my name is Carol Jones.


I started A Jones For Organizing in Austin, Texas in 2009, when I realized that I had been happily organizing myself, and my friends and family, all my life. I have strong spatial mapping skills.  That means that I can look at a closet or any kind of space, and visualize right away what can and cannot fit in there, and how the space can be optimized. This also makes me pretty good at parallel parking.


My Bachelor’s degree is in History, and my background is in tax work, but nothing makes me happier than cleaning out a closet or pantry or garage and making everything much more accessible and functional. I find it very visually gratifying, and personally gratifying when a client sees the finished product with That Look, that says, “Wow! I didn’t know this space could look like that!”


Please see my Raves page for some comments from my wonderful, happy clients.


My particular talent lies in being able to visualize and implement ways to make your home and your belongings function more smoothly for you.  My Services page has more information on what I can do for you.


I love helping people just like you, who need to access and manage their belongings better. Is my own house perfectly organized?  Well, the perfect is the enemy of the good.  (In other words, no.)  None of us live in Pinterest houses. However, I can pull my car into the garage, I can fetch my insurance policies right away when I need them, I know at a glance whether I need to buy more brown sugar or not, and I can quickly choose which shoes to wear every day.  These things make my life run more smoothly with less stress.  I would love to help do the same for you!


If you found me through my closet design and space planning article and you don’t live near Austin, TX, I can help you virtually instead of in-person! I have loved helping people all over the country with their space design needs.


I live with my husband and one talkative cat. I am originally from San Antonio, TX, and have been in Austin since 1985. I love queso, shiny things, and fingernail-biting books.


Enough about me. Now, how about YOU? What rooms or spaces or systems in your home are you wanting to improve? I want to hear ALL about it! Contact me!




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