Real Women Use Tools!

Real Women Use Tools!


$60 class, 2-3 hours

in Austin, Texas


Have you been wanting to learn to use tools and be more handy around the house? Maybe you want to learn about hanging framed art on the wall, or how to install hook racks, or wall-mounted shelving? Come to this all-women workshop for a fun, interactive, safe, and supportive environment. You will get lots of hands-on practice using screwdrivers, hammers, mallets, levels, pliers, wrenches, utility knives and drills.


No “mansplaining”

In this class, we experiment. We try different things. We make mistakes and make holes in pieces of drywall. It’s fun, and challenging, and adventurous! Best of all, you get to do all of this without feeling self-conscious, without any eye-rolling by your significant other, and without any “mansplaining!”


When practicing with cordless drills, it helps to have a piece of drywall. That way, you can see what happens to wall anchors on the usually invisible back side, as they are drilled on the front side!


At the DIY Hand Tools For Professional Organizers session at the 2018 NAPO National conference, organizers practice installing a small hook rack.






Contact me at 512-585-9836 for dates and times. Groups and individual classes available. We’ll have fun! And make lots of noise!  Ear plugs and dust masks will be provided. You may bring your own food and drinks to the class.  We will get dusty from drilling holes into drywall, so dress accordingly.  Wear closed-toed shoes, for safety. You can pay for the class, here, with your payment method of choice. Location will be supplied upon payment.

What will I learn? 

In addition to tool terminology and safe handling practices, you will get hands-on practice with the tools you want to learn most about. This can include:


– using a drill

– the difference between drill bits versus driver bits and how to change them

– how to find studs behind drywall
– the #1 rule about using a utility knife
– the #2 rule about using a utility knife
– how to change the razor blade on a utility knife
– the trick for cutting open a taped-closed cardboard box without damaging what’s inside
– how to use picture hangers and Monkey hooks to hang art
– using threaded anchors to attach items to a wall
– fixing holes in a wall with spackle
– attaching an Elfa utility rack to a wall and changing out various Elfa hooks
 – how to remove a piece of trim from drywall without damaging the wall
– using clips to attach a 4-sort to a shelf
– using pliers to hold nails, pull out nails or staples, and cut wire
– using a small drill bit to install hooks and wire on a picture frame
– and most importantly, how to keep your tools and hardware organized!


Tool Kit  (optional to buy, not included in class price)

There are tool kits out there that you can buy, pre-assembled, that are marketed for women. Sometimes the tools are pink, to make absolutely sure that you know that they are “special.” Sometimes, those tools are cheaply made and won’t last. Some tool kits are sold at bargain prices because they are filled with lots of unnecessary items, like 10 cheap screwdrivers, when you really need only a couple of good quality screwdrivers.


For instance, let’s compare screwdrivers

Do you want a screwdriver that always has its tip attached and always performs for you? (Like the blue and red ones, here.) Or do you want a bunch of tiny screwdriver tips that will get lost? (Like the pink set, here.) It may seem better to have a set of lots of different tips. But you will almost never use all of those tips. And if those loose tips roll away under the refrigerator, that pink screwdriver without a tip is useless to you.



Real women using real tools

I love using real tools, good quality, sturdy tools that I can trust to do the job and last a long time.  And that’s what these are.  I did a lot of shopping, research, and testing at many different hardware stores, large and small, to gather these tools together for you.  I also shopped around for the best tool bag, and as a professional organizer, I’m excited about this particular one. This tool bag is an organizer’s dream, with lots of pockets inside and out, to make it easy for you to always put your tools away in their home, and quickly find them later when you need them.


 $65  Basic tool kit (includes sales tax)

Yes, you can buy cheaper tool sets. But those inexpensive sets will have tools that may break, or will come apart when they shouldn’t, or will never be needed. My tool kit has quality tools that will always perform well for you over the years. This tool kit is available for purchase at class. It includes the tool bag with lots of pockets, hammer, mallet, needle-nose pliers, sturdy screwdrivers, utility knife, tape measure, adjustable locking pliers, and level.


(You might ask, what would I ever need adjustable locking pliers for? Come to the class and find out!)


basic tool kit

Real Women Use Tools toolkit $65


Raves about Real Women Use Tools!


“My sister, cousin and I took a Real Women Use Tools workshop with Carol and it was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to!! Before the class, I was very wary of doing any handy things around the house including hanging heavy items and using a drill. There was a lot of laughter during the class as we practiced on real drywall and studs and learned so many useful tips and tricks. Carol is an excellent teacher & a delight to learn from. I now feel confident and empowered to hang and install anything in my home! I’m so glad a class like this exists – I highly recommend working with Carol and attending this workshop.”☺️ Teresa D.


“Carol’s ‘Real Women Use Tools’ class was so much fun! I grew up using tools with my Dad, so I feel quite comfortable with a range of tools, but even with my familiarity I found a lot of value in Carol’s class. All of my drywall anchoring experience has been “self-directed,” and some of the more complex, heavy-duty anchors have intimidated me, so it was nice to have the opportunity to practice on a real piece of drywall, and then be able to look at the back side and see what’s going on behind the wall. It was also really uplifting to see other women who aren’t as comfortable with tools getting some hands-on experience and gaining confidence in their newfound skills. I highly recommend ‘Real Women Use Tools’!” – Catherine


“I recently attended Carol’s “Real Women Use Tools!” workshop and it did not disappoint.  Carol is very patient and does a great job explaining.  She allows the participants to practice and get real, hands-on practice in a safe and informative environment.”  – Jenny Creath


“Carol – it was most definitely worth the weekend road trip from Houston to attend your Real Women Use Tools class! It was informative, fun, and motivating. A great way to get hands-on experience. Thank you for sharing your expertise!” – Dena Wilson


“Thank you so much Carol Jones!  Because of your class I am now confident in using a power drill and command strips among other things… this is a only a fraction of what I have been doing since taking your class so I thank you IMMENSELY ! I really did not even know the difference between a drill bit and a screwdriver bit.  Also, I appreciate the trials & errors you shared with us of past installation experiences.  Thank you again!!!”  – Sally Grayum


“Carol’s “Real Women Use Tools” workshop was such a fun way to learn how to use tools. I had a little bit of knowledge but was always intimidated to use a power drill. What was so helpful to me was the different tools available to hang pictures depending on the size and weight of the picture. Now I have the confidence to hang pictures at a client’s home.  Thanks so much Carol!” – Lita Daniel


“Real women use tools! What a great course offering by organizer extraordinaire Carol Jones. Carol is my first call whenever I need help making space at home more efficient. I think this is an inspired idea to help women feel more confident and self reliant in any situation.” – Heather McKissick



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