Note:  I have such wonderful clients!  But you won’t see them all named here.  Confidentiality is very important to me.  In case you’re wondering, my clients who are listed below have specifically consented to having their testimonials and names (or initials) published.  All of my other clients remain completely confidential.  As a National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals member, I follow the NAPO Code of Ethics.

Virtual organizing with D.B.

Carol was able to offer virtual consultation to my son and his girlfriend in California and to me in Sweden. My son and his girlfriend were moving into a new apartment and Carol helped them make the best use of their limited space – critical for people forced to work from home during the pandemic. Carol also helped me reorganise my remodeled kitchen. I really appreciated the time Carol took to get to know me and my preferences before making suggestions. Now my kitchen works for how I cook, rather than just following “rules” of what goes where. Throughout the process (on both continents!) Carol was enthusiastic, creative, professional, and patient. And it was all even more impressive since she did the work remotely!

from Nanci Tucker

“Thank you again for your time and interest in helping us get organized.  Every time I drive in to the garage, I have a sense of great peace.  I feel like we found new space!”

from Nanci Tucker [a later kitchen and pantry project]

“Carol had earlier helped us organize our garage, so when we decided to remodel our kitchen, we immediately sought her help.  We lost a wall of cabinets with the remodel, but with Carol’s help, we actually feel like we have more space than we need. She took apart our pantry and efficiently put it back together, and suggested organizers and canisters (very affordable and great quality) to create a simple but brilliant plan for our kitchen. Where we would have been frustrated with the measuring, purchasing and  returning of products in what would have been a trial and error approach, Carol is an experienced organizer and actually had fun with it.  Carol’s work has made all the difference in the way we enjoy our home, and we are so glad we were able to work with her!”

from Delores Hill

“Polite, energetic, thoughtful, creative, structured and balanced with the best interest of the client at the forefront of all your projects! Oh and an extremely hard worker!”

from Heather McKissick

“Real women use tools! What a great course offering by organizer extraordinaire Carol Jones. Carol is my first call whenever I need help making space at home more efficient. I think this is an inspired idea to help women feel more confident and self reliant in any situation.”

from L Davis

“Working with Carol Jones of a Jones for Organizing was easy as pie!  First, she promptly returned my initial email and the initial phone consultation was simple.  I asked for her help with organizing my files and let her know my budget.  On the day of our appointment, she came prepared with a label maker, file folders, and a plan.  Throughout the process, she asked practical questions about how I use my files and made lots of “why didn’t I think of that?” suggestions.  At the end of our session, my files were perfectly organized.  The best thing about working with Carol was how easy the whole process was.  She’s pleasant, efficient, responsive, and motivating.  What more could you ask for?”

from Martha Cole

“Carol is awesome! I’m pretty good at organizing spaces, but now and then, even I hit a wall. When I decided to turn a spare bedroom into a craft room, I was overwhelmed with STUFF: the stuff that was in the room and had to be moved out, the stuff that was coming into the room, where it was all going to go, how it was going to be organized so the stuff I use most would be accessible, how to make it functional AND attractive, etc. She was terrific, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the space turned out. She also helped me with some other problem areas in my home. I gained space and my home is more functional…. and that makes me very happy. I highly recommend Carol!”

from Nancy Loe

“Carol is a delight to work with – creative, clever, flexible, patient and she listens. She has a solution for anything! Carol not only designed a laundry room that functions beautifully, she also included storage for all of our office supplies, paper products, and party supplies. Everything’s organized and centrally located and very easy to keep stocked up. It freed up an incredible amount of space in our kitchen and garage to implement her plans.”

from A.W.

“Carol organized our 9 closets, our pantry and our garage in our new home, and she did a perfect job. The organization systems she designed and installed over a year ago are still keeping our home and garage clean and organized. She has a gift for being able to look at a huge mess and quickly create order from chaos. Her knowledge of storage & organization options and installation from her years of experience in the industry is invaluable. It’s a pleasure working with Carol – she’s upbeat, very efficient, always professional and we highly recommend her organization services.”

from Kate Matthews

“I love to cook, but most of my spices and oils were in a jumble in a drawer nowhere near my cooktop. I also had a standing spice rack that held only a small subset of my spices and took up valuable counter space. Carol swooped in and came up with a beautiful and functional design utilizing the wall space next to my cooktop – I now can see and easily reach all of the spices and herbs I use most often, along with all of my oils and vinegars. No more pawing through a drawer trying to find the coriander!”

from Tara K.

“I’d moved into a house where the dressing room had no built in closet racks or shelves – just bare walls. Instant panic! I contacted Carol, and working with her solely via email she provided me with a fantastic solution. I simply sent her measurements and photos of the space, along with estimated quantities of clothing, and she designed a custom space which perfectly fitted my requirements. She sent me the proposed layout, we made a few changes and I simply ordered the required components online. Installation was a breeze – and I say that as a very non-handy, drill impaired klutz! I especially loved that I was easily able to tweak the layout. When I moved, I was able to remove the components and re-utilize them differently in the new house.”

from Denise Becker

“When we bought our house, I was completely overwhelmed. I had always been a renter and never gave much thought to organizing my space. My basic organization style was to shove, pile, or stuff. But now I had a brand new kitchen and felt immense pressure to “do it right.” However, I had no idea where to even start.


So I called Carol.


She asked many questions about my personal style and listened carefully to the answers. I presented two primary challenges: I had a lot of stuff, and I am not someone who wants to spend a lot of time keeping things in place. So a complicated organizational scheme would not work for me. I was looking for something that would be intuitive and easy to maintain without a lot of thought or effort.


Carol did an amazing job! The pantry looks like something out of a magazine. Plus, it’s been nearly two years, and my pantry is still organized (which, believe me, if the organization plan wasn’t super easy to keep up, the pantry would have quickly degenerated into cans and boxes piled on top of each other)! Carol also organized my kitchen cupboards and drawers, and I never have to spend more than a few seconds looking for something.


In addition to being professional, Carol is also very fun to work with. She always made me feel very comfortable, and she was creative and fast in coming up with solutions. Thanks to Carol, I love my new kitchen and feel relaxed when I enter it. I can now concentrate on the cooking, rather than spending my time searching for various utensils and other items and getting frustrated.


Thank you Carol!”

from Becky Gomolka

“Carol recently gave us one of those wonderful “Ahhhh” moments, combined with “We should have done this years ago!” She did this by solving a long-time “wish list” item for us: we got our two bikes OUT of the study and into the garage where they belong!


On the day, Carol arrived right on time. She assessed our garage space and asked us about our use of the garage and use of the bikes, and based on this information, she helped us figure out the best place to store them.


Here are all the ways Carol impressed me:


1. Her good questions about how we use the garage and how often we use the bikes.

2. Her ability to visualize the “after” result while still in the planning phase.

3. Once the location was chosen, she got right to work and was a whiz with all her tools!

4. When she decided the first rack was not the right one, she said it before I even had a chance to be concerned and immediately decided upon a better solution.

5. Carol is a total professional, absolutely has the customer as her first priority, and as an added bonus, is totally fun to be around!

We could not be happier and are still smiling every time we drive into the garage and walk into the suddenly roomier study. Thank you Carol!”


– proud owners of a bike-free study

from Shannon Meroney

“Carol was a literal lifesaver as we finished remodeling a house and prepared to move in. I was completely overwhelmed with the task of designing and organizing all the closets and storage space while also downsizing my master closet significantly in the move. Carol handled everything soup to nuts for each space with careful attention to detail as to our specific needs. She knows the vast array of products available and exactly how to use each one to its fullest. Carol created organizational solutions I could never have visualized. She honored her pricing even when projects became bigger than anticipated. And worked hard to find me the best value for my money by utilizing Elfa sales and special discounts. She took a task that I was dreading and turned it into a solution. She truly has a gift for her trade.”


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