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Carol Jones, Professional Organizer Specializing in space optimization and storage re-design


You need well-planned infrastructure and systems that will make your daily life easier.  With good systems in place, you can enjoy your possessions instead of struggling with them. Then, it will be easier for you to maintain that level of organization. If your household is managed well and running more smoothly, you can spend your time and energy on what you really want to do!


Professional Organizers design systems and processes based on established organizing principles, and teach you how to use them.  Whether you need help and motivation with de-cluttering, or finding and implementing a better system for managing your belongings, or using your existing storage spaces in new and creative ways, I can help.


I like the saying, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  I have so much fun making my clients’ houses more enjoyable to live in.

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What My Clients Say


She asked many questions about my personal style and listened carefully to the answers … In addition to being professional, Carol is also very fun to work with. She always made me feel very comfortable, and she was creative and fast in coming up with solutions.. 

-Denise Becker

testimonial_quote  She has a gift for being able to look at a huge mess and quickly create order from chaos … It’s a pleasure working with Carol – she’s upbeat, very efficient, always professional and we highly recommend her organization services.


testimonial_quoteCarol is a delight to work with – creative, clever, flexible, patient, and she listens. She has a solution for anything!. 

-Nancy Loe

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