Genealogy, organized and simplified

Genealogy, organized and simplified

Interested in genealogy?  Need some help with how to find information about your family tree? Or how to get the information you already have into more of an organized format?  I have some great genealogy ebooks to recommend to you, written by my friend and genealogy expert Nancy Loe.  Nancy has been an archivist, librarian, and genealogist for three decades.   She is also responsible for my ability to spell genealogy correctly without looking it up first.  You can subscribe to her newsletter at her website, Sassy Jane Genealogy.


With her knowledge and experience in creating, organizing and managing computer files, she could have had an additional career of being a fabulous professional organizer as well.  Check out her useful and well-written guides on:

Discovering Immigrant Ancestors (really fascinating stuff!)

Organizing Genealogical Research

Cataloging Photos

Simplifying Genealogical Sources and Citations, and

Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy.


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